Step 69 - Today I will practice stillness. Entry for Step 68 - I will not lose faith in myself today.

Greetings All -

IN YOUR TWO 30-MINUTE PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, practice stillness. Allow your meditation to be deep. Give  yourself to it. Do not enter meditation with demands and requests. Enter meditation to give yourself to it. It is the temple of the True Spirit within you to which you bring yourself. In your practice periods, then, be present and be still. Allow yourself to bathe in the luxury of emptiness. For the presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness, you begin to feel the presence that permeates all things and gives all meaning in life.

PRACTICE STILLNESS TODAY so that you may know.

PRACTICE 69: Two 30-minute practice periods. 

From the Journal:

8:30 A.M. Thursday, Sept 23, 1999 - "I will not loose faith in myself today." S2K's affirmation is one I've often needed. I'm still here. Personal faith varies more than the weather. 

This is a challenging time for me - I remain overwhelmed - just letting the too much flow by. 

The journal is a self-talk therapy. Life can be very bumpy. Resilience is required.