Step 73 - I will allow my errors to teach me. Entry for Step 72 - I will trust my deepest inclinations today.

Greetings All -

ALLOWING YOUR ERRORS TO INSTRUCT YOU will give them value. They would have no value without this and would be a mark against you in your own estimation. Using errors for instruction, then, is taking advantage of your own limitations to have them point the way to greatness. God wishes for you to learn from your errors so that you may learn of the greatness of God. This is done not to belittle you but to raise you up.There are many errors you have committed, and there are some errors you will still make. It is in order to guard against the repetition of damaging error and to learn from error that we wish to instruct you now.

UPON EACH HOUR OF THIS DAY, repeat to yourself that you wish to learn from your errors and feel for a moment what this means. Thus, through many periods of practice today, you will begin to understand the statement you are making and will perhaps then perceive how it can be brought about. If you are willing to learn from your errors, you will not be so afraid to recognize them.Then you will wish to understand them, not to deny them, not to bear false witness against them, not to call them by other names, but to admit them for your own benefit. From this recognition, you will be able to assist others in the reclamation of Knowledge, for they too must learn how to learn from their errors.

PRACTICE 73: Hourly practice. 

From the Journal:

9/27 8:40 A.M. Greater Inclinations Versus compulsions. My compulsion to watch TV & eat, SNL - Kept me up until 2 A.M. - starting my week in the hole energy wise. I'm inclined to promote regional organizing - and using what is already in place. It takes work to maintain the structure. S2K - "deepest inclinations lead to meaningful relationships."

6 p.m. Dead tired. I'll do my second meditation.

my deepest inclinations -
    - to seek spirit
    - to promote cooperation
    - to learn that I might teach
    - to see the beauty in things, situations and people
    - to understand the past, present and future path
    - to be in the woods
    - to help others ...
    - to work with women
    - to honor the land
    - to build
    - to organize
    - to design for better use, a better way
    - to contribute to thinking

Writing out the answers to the questions in the Steps is useful because very few of us can remember what we were thinking a few days, weeks or even years ago.