Step 123 - I will not pity myself today. Entry for Step 122 - I give without loss today.

Greetings All –

HOW CAN YOU PITY YOURSELF when Knowledge is with you? Pity must only reassert an old idea of yourself, which is bereft of truth, bereft of hope and bereft of any meaningful foundation. Do not pity yourself today, for you are not pitiful. If this day is sad or confused, it is only because you have lost contact with Knowledge, which you may practice today to regain.

AS YOU PRACTICE TODAY, be aware of the many subtle forms of self-pity that you entertain. Be aware of the many subtle forms of manipulation of others as you attempt to make them like or accept you according to a view of yourself that you are attempting to claim. When you are with Knowledge, you do not need to proclaim yourself; you do not need to show yourself; you do not need to control   others to like or accept you, for Knowledge is with you.

THEREFORE, DO NOT PITY YOURSELF, for you are not pitiful. Today be a beginning student of Knowledge, for that is anything but pitiful. A greater vantage point you cannot imagine.

UPON THE HOUR, THEN, REPEAT THIS IDEA. Allow it to enter your mind and consider it for a moment. In your two practice periods, repeat this affirmation and then enter into stillness. No being who is pitiful can enter into silence, for silence is the experience of profound relationship, and stillness is the acceptance of profound love. Who can be pitiful under such circumstances?

PRACTICE 123: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice

No pity-party.

From the Journal:

8:05 A.M. Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Back to more healthy food. S2K led to a long stillness meditation. Assistance to others is provided in a different way. You give what you need too – which when thinking about it is not that different from gift giving. Prayer to strengthen & empower others.

10:20 p.m. Vegging out – got my “evaluation” today …  & … It was OK – but they are hopeless.
Where will KNOWLEDGE lead me?

Did the Step, made it through the day. Most people have days like this. A good reason to seek Knowledge. And the Steps page has a few notes.