Step 126 – Review Entry for Step 125 - I do not need to be someone today.

Greetings All –

TODAY’S REVIEW WILL CONCENTRATE UPON THE PAST WEEK of training. It will emphasize once again that you are learning to learn. You are learning to understand how you learn. You are learning to understand your strengths and your weaknesses. You are learning to understand your predispositions—those qualities in yourself that you must cultivate and those qualities which you must arrest and bring under conscious control. You are learning to be observant of yourself. Thus, you are learning at last to be objective with yourself. This objectivity is especially important, for it allows you to utilize that which is there to serve you without your condemnation. In this way, your service to yourself becomes immediate and effective.

IF YOU CAN LEARN TO BE OBJECTIVE WITH YOURSELF, you can learn to be objective with the world. This will allow Knowledge to shine through you, for you will not be attempting to make the world into what you wish it to be, and you will not be attempting to make yourself into what you wish yourself to be. This is the beginning of true resolution and true happiness, but even greater than this, it is the beginning of genuine  contribution.

IN YOUR ONE LONG PRACTICE PERIOD TODAY review the past week, keeping these things in mind. Strengthen your experience of Knowledge today by supporting its outward manifestations and doubt not the power of this preparation to bring you to Knowledge itself.

PRACTICE 126: One long practice period.

From the Journal:

6 A.M. Friday, November 19, 1999 – Worldwide GIS Day – and an open house at our office. Last night’s Commission/Partnership meeting went well. My KNOWLEDGE path has healed my relationship. Much work remains to get caught up, but the regional alignment value is catching on here. S2K yesterday was “Today I will not pretend to be happy.” It was not difficult to be that honest.

5:35 p.m. can’t have just one region>
→ No word from Sarah – her pager isn’t connected.

6:05  S2K – only 25 minutes – session 2 – 10 & 15 minute. I need to be more simple in my life – the systems of organization or whatever. Organize to do less. [Let less in, throw more out – 11/20/99 – 5 p.m.]

10:20 p.m. My life must become more imple and less cluttered. Limit my addiction to symbols. To stuff. Get assets in the bank.

11:08 p.m. To Sarah I send self-love and right thought, things we both need.

One can see that at this point I am trying to apply what I have learned to my problems situations in the world. My daughter’s situation is troubling; which has been an ongoing situation; joy of parenthood. The Steps book has a bit of green ink.