Step 149 - My practice is my gift to the world. Entry for Step 148 - My practice is my gift to God.

Greetings All –

YOU GIVE TO THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR OWN DEVELOPMENT at this time, for you are preparing to give a greater gift than you have ever given before. Thus, each day that you undertake the practice according to each step that is given, you give a gift to the world. Why is this? It is because you acknowledge your value and your worth. You acknowledge your Ancient Home and your Ancient Destiny. You acknowledge those who sent you and those who will receive you when you leave this world. All this is given to the world each time you practice sincerely, upon each day, upon each hour. This is a greater gift to the world than you can yet understand, but in time you will see the total need that it fulfills.

THEREFORE, YOUR PRACTICE IS A GIFT TO THE WORLD, for it gives that which you are affirming within yourself. What you affirm within yourself you affirm for all individuals, in all circumstances, in all worlds and in all dimensions. Thus, you affirm the reality of Knowledge. Thus, you affirm your Ancient Home while you are here.

UPON THE HOUR, GIVE TO THE WORLD through your practice of giving. Remind yourself of this. In your two longer practice periods, give yourself completely into stillness and silence. Give of your heart and give of your mind. Give all that you realize you can give, for this is a gift to the world. Though you cannot as yet see the result, have confidence that this giving will extend beyond your own mind and will touch all minds in the universe, for all minds are truly joined in reality.

PRACTICE 149: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:
Sunday, Dec 12, 1999

Tom Peters – the client approach – I started this years ago. It was difficult for people to see. When Greg came in he had a different approach – and blasted my style. He assumed money would follow proposals – the base market was too thin; it remains thin. The model is still valid.

11:30 A.M. How am I doing now? After reading Tom Peters I see that I need better clients – better relationships. I don’t expect to be in a control position – it is really for the discrimination of the knowledge I have received and wish to make visible in the world. “The search for the perfect region.”

“The Whole Enchilada”- local/the kitchen where the enchilada was made is whole/local/ a steps process.

4 p.m. In Winchester at Wendy’s – enroute to Wal-Mart. My practice – is my gift to God. My life is God’s gift to me. I look south and see a patch of rainbow in the clouds as the setting sun hits the moisture/water crystals in the cloud. I’m thankful that earth and sky is there to be seen and I’m here with eyes and heart to see it. I am in the world – clearly – and seek to do God’s will. Conflict  yes … but such is manifestation. I am here to give.

8:25 p.m. Right this minute I hate my life. I’ve felt this way since I got home at 6:30 p.m. I should have gone to work, but did not. … I read the Wash Post – noting in it – well a few tidbits. … I feel very helpless – in my own life and for Sarah and David.

I made progress by doing an initial description of the local/regional scale –
local is whole
regional is sub-whole

People might do something with that. I am so unhappy it stinks.

- Mistakes

Warren Buffet – we seek pattern to understand events. Some aspects of life are too complex to have patterns – like the stock market, so the real patterns to look for are those of success within the greater complexity. Those that one way or another have the fundamentals right and thus are sustaining /growing. This looks wise as does Tom Peters focus on good clients. These are things I could do – if I knew a reason to do them.

My needs are minimal. I need this conflicted environment to tease/torture out my thinking on regions. It is a painful birthing.

Writing soothes the unhappy beast.

11:28 p.m. 12/12/99 – a day of truth. … [argument described]

> I was reading ahead the Steps for next week. Step – 153 “…all life is communication.”

All this helps me to understand my path…

                                           T-om Su-ne

What is the purpose of all this? From this particular day, I left out a lot. Your life may be a lot better than mine at this time, or something you can’t relate to, or worse. The purpose is to show something close to honestly speaking to oneself in a journal, so progress can be made. 

At this time in my career, I am trying to apply business thinking to my work and to the need to invest - thus the study of Tom Peters and Warren Buffet. Did I ultimately learn what I need from the world - not exactly, but Steps was useful - as it enables a different type of thinking.  

Steps to Knowledge clears up many things, sets others in perspective, and always leaves plenty of undefined and mysterious space. Skip over what may bore you, but look for the thread of strengthening due to the Steps.

The Steps page has some ink: “How can I be the gift?”

 We be learnin -  right?