Step 144 - I will honor myself today. Entry for Step 143 - Today I will be still.

Greetings All –

HONOR YOURSELF BECAUSE OF YOUR HERITAGE, because of your destiny and because of your purpose. Honor yourself because life honors you. Honor yourself because God is honored in God’s Creation in you. This eclipses all the evaluations that you have made upon yourself. This is greater than any criticism that you have   levied against yourself. This is greater than any pride that you have used to offset your pain.

IN SIMPLICITY AND HUMILITY REMIND YOURSELF upon the hour to honor yourself. In your two deeper practices today, allow yourself to experience the presence of Knowledge, for this honors you and honors Knowledge as well. Honor yourself this day so that Knowledge may be honored, for in reality you are Knowledge. This is your True Self, but it is a Self that you are only now beginning to reclaim.

PRACTICE 144: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Is this “me” day? Not exactly – really “True Self” day, something much greater in perception.

From the Journal:

Tuesday, Dec 7 – “Today I will be still.”

8:05 p.m. At work preparing for my second meditation. I was going to shop for Sarah, but that didn’t work.

8:40 p.m. Time completed – not a time where being still came easy. Work issues bouncing about.

What is needed are vibrant central cities leading the hinterland benevolently. It is central city wealth/ benevolence of the countryside. The growing together from separate loci and blending is needed – as in the Netherlands.

Please remember that I am working as a regional planner and as director of the agency. It is frustrating work, but necessary for human unity and cooperation. It is “greater community” at a smaller scales and the challenges are instructive. As you consider your work in the world, it may be the profession you are in now, or may be something your soul is taking you to in the future. For this reason, Step 144 is as it is.