Step 135 - I will not define my destiny today. Entry for Step 134 - I will not define my purpose for myself.

Greetings All –

LIKE YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR DESTINY remains beyond your definition. You need only take a step in its direction to feel the growing presence of Knowledge in your life. The closer you are to Knowledge, the more you will experience it. The more that you experience it, the closer you will want to become because this is a natural attraction. This is true love, the attraction of like to like. This is what gives the universe all of its meaning. This is what joins life together completely. Be free this day of definitions, and allow your mind to take its natural formation. Allow your heart to follow its natural course. Allow Knowledge to express itself through your mind, whose outward structure is now becoming open and free.

REMIND YOURSELF OF YOUR PRACTICE UPON THE HOUR. In your two deep meditations today, continue with your RAHN practice, speaking the word RAHN on each exhale. Allow yourself to feel the presence of your own life, the presence of your Teachers and the depth of your own Knowledge. Allow your self-discipline to be exerted meaningfully today, to engage your mind in this way. For as the mind is brought into proximity of its true destination, it will respond accordingly and everything will follow its natural course. Then you will feel that Grace is with you.

PRACTICE 135: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

8:14 A.M. Sunday, November 28. I was full of spirit Saturday and wake up spiritless this morning. Not having lost faith, but energy to do. The world @ 607 Midland Ave is quiet and beautiful. The house sparkles. The sky is blue and morning sun bright – a perfect, quiet peace. …

S2K 134 – “I will not define my purpose for myself.”

9:30 A.M. This is the perfect thought for me today. Techno Christmas is upon us. Time for a contrarian response. Well – I’ve been in cash for a year. I’m looking a lot, but not buying much.

6:08 p.m. Home from shopping - … Driving to Winchester experiencing the Shenandoah Valley as I do – and thinking of my life serving the Valley the opposite thought reflected, that the Valley served me, a region of the earth which also serves. Physicality gives itself totally to service – whereas man does not. Are there greedy animals or plants that take more than they need? Perhaps a few – but the majority not for they have no pockets. Insects can stockpile - and hibernating animals store fat for their sleep, but … none others come to mind. GCW says – plants and animals all give their all – all the time.

9:24 p.m. … Following GCW – S2K – RAHN.

A few points underlined on the Steps page. This is work.