Step 129 - My Teachers are with me. I will be with them. Entry for Step 128 - My Teachers are with me. I need not fear.

Greetings All –

YOUR TEACHERS ARE WITH YOU. They are not speaking to you except on very rare occasions, and then only if you are capable of hearing. From time to time they will send their thoughts into your mind, and you will experience this as your own spark of inspiration. You are as yet unaware of how your mind is joined with all other minds, but in time you will begin to experience this in the context of your own world. The demonstration of this will become so obvious that you will wonder how you could ever have doubted it.

YOUR TEACHERS ARE WITH YOU and today in your two longer practice periods, practice being with them. You do not need to create an image of them in order to have this experience. You do not need to hear a voice or see a face, for their presence is enough to give you a complete experience that you are in fact together. If you will be still, breathe deeply and not weave fantasies—neither happy fantasies nor fearful fantasies—you will begin to experience what is actually there. Your Teachers are actually there. And today you can practice being
with them.

PRACTICE 129: Two 30-minute practice periods.

More perspective on how one is “not alone.”

From the Journal:

9:44 p.m. Monday, November 22, 1999
The region gives form – it sits like patience – a rock, there when needed.

> Earth as throughput – not a final solution.

10:29 A.M. S2K – This is changing my life. Read the section on Marriage in GCW-I. The view of life and creation comes to mind is far different than what I had. I am a sojourner passing through in company. To belong – to find my place has been a lifelong quest. I’d go to places thinking surely there must be people like me. Finding M.E. was great…I needed/wanted to be married, in spite of what my parents’ marriage had been.

GCW-I explains much. Through collaboration we make earth like heaven.

11  a.m. On to health. We have bodies in order to do something. I want to do what I need to do so I don’t need to come back. …

12:15 p.m. The Human Region project –
Message to higher levels of governance – that support of regions leads to cooperation.

1:10 p.m. Greater Community is what my work is about. That’s why I was attracted to Marshall’s booth in Denver. I thought it would have tools for regions.

To this point I’ve thought the work was about planning, but that isn’t my work. It is about regions and collaboration.

8:30 p.m. Once again I am lost. I am overwhelmed by the work at the office. …

I accept S2K, I accept GCW, it fits – but what do I do next? Withdraw more? Or reach out. …

Q: Am I being appropriate with my work? No
Q: What must I do? Work
Q: How – Prioritize, seek help.
Q: You are not in my body. No
Q: I’m so angry and alone. Angry -  yes, alone – No.

I need Knowledge’s help, not punishment. - Do that which must be done. Eliminate all other.

10:28 p.m. My gut is upset - … I continue to fake my life.                               

Another fun day of confusion, though it begins: “This is changing my life.”  I use the process of asking questions of Knowledge in the journal and writing the answers. You may ant to try that in writing, if you've not done it. Since I’ve been through the whole process, I can say there are more bumps ahead, but it all worked out, so I recommend that you stick with it.

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