Step 125 - I do not need to be someone today. Entry for Step 124 - Today I will not pretend I am happy.

Greetings All –

YOU ALREADY ARE SOMEONE, so why try to be someone? It is better to be the person you already are. The person you already are is the power of Knowledge carried in the vehicle of the nature of an individual. This is already established, and it is under development right now. Why try to be something today when you are something already? Why not be what you are? Find out what you are. This takes great courage, for you must risk disappointing your own idealistic view of yourself and the world. This takes encouragement because you must risk giving up your self-hatred, which is a way that you separate yourself from life.

THEREFORE, THIS DAY BE EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. Remind yourself upon the hour. And in your two meditation practices today, allow yourself to be still and to receive, for you are not trying to be someone today.

PRACTICE 125: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

“Be exactly as you are.”

From the Journal:

 6:30 A.M. Thursday, November 18 – The Legislative Dinner meeting. Two years ago – descent into Hell. Not yet out.

S2K – I am not me today. (Not really – just how I feel.)

8:10 A.M. M.E. called – Sarah went back to Lloyd. I am sad for Sarah – and for how this interferes with my life.

The Steps page had a few comments this day. The top reads: “Seeing, feeling the great detail and wealth of manifestation in life is an intense wonderful, experience which is Knowledge at close range. The bottom comment is: “he/she who is truly satisfied will have in their expression the power of Knowledge. Knowledge is an intense experience of life.”