Step 150 - Today I will learn to learn. Entry for Step 149 - My practice is my gift to the world.

Greetings All –

TODAY YOU LEARN TO LEARN. You learn to learn because you need to learn. You need to learn how to learn so that your learning may be effective and expedient, have depth and consistency and produce a sound advancement that you can rely upon in all circumstances in the future. Do not think that you already understand the process of learning, for you are learning about this now as you  understand the meaning of advancement, the meaning of failure, the meaning of encouragement, the meaning of discouragement, the meaning of enthusiasm and the meaning of a lack of enthusiasm. That is why at the end of each week you review your practices so that you may understand your progress and understand the mechanism of learning. This is essential for you to realize, for until you do, you will misinterpret your steps, you will misconstrue your actions, you will not understand how to follow a curriculum and you will never learn how to teach a curriculum yourself.

THEREFORE, TODAY YOU LEARN TO LEARN. This places you as a beginning student of Knowledge, which gives you all rights and all encouragement to learn everything that is necessary, without presumption, without conceit, without denial and without falsity of any kind. As you learn to learn, you will realize the mechanism of learning. This will give you Wisdom and compassion in your dealings with people. You cannot teach people from idealism, for then you place upon them the burden of your own expectations. You require of them what even life cannot provide. But the certainty of your experience and your Knowledge, which you will give to others, will be sound, and they will be able to receive it and utilize it in   their own way. Then, you will not place any personal demands upon them in their learning, but will allow Knowledge within you to give to Knowledge in them. You will then be a witness to the instruction and to the learning as well.

THEREFORE, TODAY BEAR WITNESS TO YOUR OWN LEARNING and learn to learn. Upon the hour, remind yourself that you are learning to learn. In your two meditation practices, allow yourself to enter stillness and peace. Observe yourself as you move forward and as you   hold yourself back. Exert your will on your own behalf compassionately and firmly, and judge not your advancement because you are not in a position to judge, because you are learning to learn.

PRACTICE 150: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

6 A.M. December 13, 1999 – Monday – I am learning how to learn. I expected to know more by this point in my life. My parents acted as though they knew everything. So, with humility, I begin learning to learn.

8 A.M. Things are better this A.M. Some crap has gotten through the system and is downstream now. There is much to do in the world…

9:15 p.m. Starting late – but practice is my gift. …

Ugliness in the world – what people do to others, and its continuation. When God is denied – anything can happen. Let us bring the reality of God to the memory of all.
Amen & Amen
T-om Su-ne

This entry short – looking ahead to “learning to learn.” This topic/perspective was something I’d been exposed to in my planning career. I’d heard a lecture by Donald M. Michael in the 1980’s at a World Future Society event, relating the perspective of his 1973 the book: “On Learning to Plan – and Planning to Learn: The Social Psychology of Changing Toward Future-Responsive Societal Learning.” This was a man ahead of his time.

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