Step 131 - Today I will seek the experience of true purpose in life. Entry for Step 130 - Relationships will come to me when I am prepared.

Greetings All –

SEEK THE EXPERIENCE OF TRUE PURPOSE. This provides the foundation for all meaningful relationships. Do not seek relationships outside of this context, for they will lack foundation and, though perhaps very alluring, will prove  to be very difficult for you. Whether you are seeking marriage, great friendship or someone to help you in your work, remember that Knowledge will draw to you all individuals as you truly need them.

THEREFORE, TODAY CONCENTRATE ON PURPOSE and not on relationship. The greater your experience of purpose, the greater your comprehension of relationship. Though you will see that people come together for enjoyment and stimulation, there is a far greater component in their meeting. Few people recognize this, but it is given you to recognize this through practice and experience. You can be certain that if you are not trying to fit people into your own idea of purpose, you will be opening yourself to the genuine experience of purpose itself. As you begin to observe yourself objectively, you will begin to see the manifestations of your own will in contrast to Knowledge, and this will be very essential for your learning.

TODAY REMIND YOURSELF UPON THE HOUR of your intent to realize your purpose. Let today be a step in that direction—a step that will save you years and years of time, a step that will advance you forever towards your goal of Knowledge, for Knowledge is drawing you. In your two deeper practice periods, allow Knowledge to draw you. Feel the greater attraction within you, which you will naturally feel if you are not preoccupied with little things.

PRACTICE 131: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

From the Journal:

6 A.M. Wednesday, Nov 24 - Movement like the demolition derby , to keep moving, movement - towards. 

8:20 A.M. Ready to go to work, but first WGC-I Service. GC is making sense to me and helping me relate to the world. There remain other messages & viewpoints. but S2K & GCW is what my focus shall be. It is all movement - tha, in sync with that of others.

5:20 p.m. Home to meditate, then go to Winchester. ...

10:50 p.m. I am sad for ... (my children)

I am here to serve. I feel that, but perhaps Knowledge has come to late for me. Yes this world is all temporary, but there is good here. I could be better. Why are there so many souls here?